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A Little History on Savannah Lakes Village | RE/MAX Leisurely Living

A Little History On
Savannah Lakes Village 

         Nestled in the heart of McCormick, South Carolina, lies an area steeped in history and natural beauty - Savannah Lakes Village. This planned development, situated along the shores of Lake Thurmond, boasts a rich history that intertwines the region's past, reflecting the evolution of human settlement, the harnessing of natural resources, and the drive to create a harmonious living environment. 

           The history of Savannah Links Village is inextricably linked with the construction of the Strom Thurmond Dam, which began in the mid-20th century. Completed in 1954, the dam created Lake Thurmond, a vast reservoir that straddles the border between Georgia and South Carolina. The lake’s primary purpose was flood control and hydroelectric power generation, contributing to the region’s economic growth. 

     Amid the transformation brought about by the Thurmond Dam Project, Savannah Lakes Village emerged as a unique concept community development. In the 1980’s, developer Anthony E. Turner envisioned a lakeside haven that combined the beauty of the natural environment with modern amenities and recreational opportunities. Turner’s vision was realized through careful planning, collaboration with architects and engineers, and the dedication of numerous individuals who believed in the project’s potential.

     Soon the Savannah Lakes Village community was born, blending modern residential living with the area’s rich historical context. This master-planned community was designed to offer residents a serene and picturesque settling to live and play. The village’s close proximity to Lake Thurmond’s shores and its well-preserved natural beauty make it an ideal retreat for those seeking a balance between modern comforts and an appreciation of history and culture. The community seeks to preserve the region’s historical and environmental assets, reflecting a commitment to both progress and heritage. 

         One of the hallmarks of Savannah Lakes Village is its commitment to offering residents a high quality of life. The community boasts a range of amenities, including golf courses designed by renowned architects, marinas, community centers, and miles of hiking and biking trails. These offerings are not only designed to enhance resident’s leisure time, but also to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. 

     Throughout its history, Savannah Lakes Village has demonstrated a strong sense of community spirit.  Residents actively participate in clubs, events, and volunteer initiatives that promote social interaction, civic engagement, and charitable endeavors. This spirit of togetherness has not only enriched the lives of those who call the village home, but has also contributed to the area’s reputation as a welcoming and vibrant destination.

     Savannah Lakes Village stands as a testament to the evolving relationship between humans and their environment. The village’s commitment to preserving its natural surroundings while offering modern amenities exemplifies a harmonious balance between past and present.  As residents continue to shape the community’s future, the legacy of Savannah Lakes Village will undoubtedly continue to evolve, leaving its mark on both the region’s history and its ongoing narrative of growth and renewal.  

By: Erin Hill


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