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Summer in Savannah Lakes Village

 Savannah Lakes Village Is Warming Up

 Bring On The Fun! 

By Erin Hill.


     Summer in South Carolina is a wonderful time of year that many residents and visitors look forward to annually. With all the warm, sunny weather and beautiful scenery, there are an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. Summer in South Carolina is associated with many outdoor activities which include festivals, concerts, farmers markets, and baseball games to name a few. These activities offer unique opportunities to celebrate and enjoy the season with friends, family, and fellow community members. The following activities are a very fun, all-American way to spend the summer and time outdoors.

     Summer festivals are a great way to experience different cultures, music, food, and art. Festivals are often held in public spaces, such as parks or town squares, making them accessible to everyone. They offer a chance to learn about and celebrate the traditions and heritage of different communities. For example, Abbeville's Spring Festival in May on The Square each year, offers good family fun, community involvement, antique car & art shows, evening street dances, amusement rides, craft vendors, food, and entertainment all day. Additionally, in June, Greenwood’s SC Festival of Flowers hosts over 25 events during the month including concerts, arts, crafts, photography, and sporting events. In July, Greenwood also hosts their premier event, The SC Festival of Discovery. This event is held in Uptown Greenwood and features a “Blues Cruise” that takes revelers to numerous venues in the uptown area offering a wide variety of Blues performers well known across the South East.  All performances are free and the festival also features great food, amusement rides, and much more.  These local events create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, making them a memorable way to spend the summer months.

     Concerts are another popular way to enjoy the summer. Many of the world's top musicians tour through South Carolina during the summer months, making it the perfect time to catch a live performance on a larger scale. Concerts provide a great way to enjoy music in a social setting, surrounded by friends and fans. They create a sense of community among attendees who share a love of music. We are very fortunate to live in an area that has such great live music most weekends on a smaller scale. Summer just isn’t summer without spending a Friday or Saturday evening with good friends, drinks, and live music on the deck at Williemacs.

     Farmers markets offer a chance to support local farmers and businesses in our community, while enjoying fresh produce and handmade goods. These markets also create a sense of community, as people come together to shop, eat, and socialize. Farmers markets promote healthy eating and sustainable practices, as the products are often locally grown and sourced. For example, the farmers market in McCormick typically features several vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and handmade crafts - this year the McCormick Farmers Market will be held at the Talmadge Center. Farmers markets can also have entertainment, such as live music or cooking demonstrations, making them a fun way to spend a summer morning or afternoon.

     Baseball games are a classic American pastime that many people look forward to each summer. They offer a chance to enjoy the outdoors, have a great hot dog, some popcorn or peanuts, and cheer on the home team. Baseball games provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere, making them a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Attending a baseball game can be a fun and memorable experience, with the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd creating a unique energy. The Augusta Green Jackets at SRP Park won’t disappoint.  They offer fun themed events, $1 beer nights, and great firework shows. Be sure to see to catch a game this Summer - you will have a blast

     Again, summer festivals, concerts, farmers markets, and baseball games are such a fun all-American way to spend the summer and time outdoors with friends and family. They provide unique opportunities to experience different cultures, music, food, and art, as well as support local businesses and communities. These events create a sense of community among attendees, who come together to celebrate and enjoy the season. Whether attending a festival, concert, baseball game, or shopping at a farmers market, these activities offer a chance to create lasting memories with loved ones. As the weather warms up and we head into the summer months, come enjoy everything the surrounding area and  Savannah Lakes Village has to offer. It will definitely put a smile on your face!




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