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Written By Tana Yunker


Can you believe it's already November? The holidays are right around the corner, but I promise not to count down the shopping days left until Christmas. Instead, let's take a minute to chat about Thanksgiving, a holiday that looks similar to many. A long rectangular table adorned with a turkey and perfect side dishes. Every chair was filled, with family and friends coming together to enjoy a feast fit for a king. If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you probably showed up to dinner with a dish to pass. Usually, a highly requested recipe, lovingly created just for the holidays, year after year. 

As we make the shift from fall toward the holiday season, people everywhere are booking plane tickets and planning to return home to their families for the holidays. Come November, many choose to reunite with relatives for Thanksgiving. But for those who won’t be making the journey, Friendsgiving has risen in popularity. Friendsgiving is a made-up word for Thanksgiving with friends. It refers to an informal gathering during the holiday that has become very common. And who cares if Friendsgiving is a made-up word? Embrace it! After all, it's real friends spending a holiday together as a family. In Savannah Lakes Village, our friends become our family. Many will share in a Friendsgiving, gathering together to enjoy a meal, have great conversations, and of course, watch some football. We are gifted with mild November temps here, allowing outdoor activity to become woven into our holiday traditions. Several neighbors will play an early round of golf before joining friends to celebrate the holiday. Others will hit the trails together walking off their Friendsgiving feast. As relatively new residents of SLV, this will mark our first year away from home for the holidays. Jim and I both come from large midwest families that have continued to grow. What once was a seemingly large Thanksgiving celebration has now become extra large. One can only imagine the volume of food our Thanksgiving feasts would require. This year we’re going to miss the big crowd and big noise of our family back home, but we're looking forward to Thanksgiving here in Savannah Lakes Village. The friendships we have made are starting to feel like family, confirming that the decision to call Savannah Lakes Village our new home was the right one. They tell us that November and December are spectacular months to live here, and we can't wait to experience it all. From the abundance of outdoor adventure to the small-town charm, we're looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and the new traditions it will bring.


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