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It's Fall Ya'll!

Written by Tana Yunker


So this is fall in the south? They've been telling me since mid-September that it's fall y’all! I’ll have to take everyone's word on that. My husband and I are experiencing our first fall here in SLV, and this northerner is having a hard time wrapping my head around a fall season in the mid-80s and poolside afternoons. Now don't mistake my confusion for disappointment with fall in the south, but on the contrary, I love it! The extended summer has been terrific, and I will happily take the hot Carolina summers over a frozen (literally frozen) Michigan winter. It has been the best trade-off. And though Jim and I are still trying to figure out a fall season where sipping a pumpkin spice latte blends seamlessly with flip-flops and lake life, we are also fully embracing this new way of living. As we step into October, the temps here in our region have become dreamy. Windows stay open, and the cool southern breeze dances through our homes. The fall foliage is just beginning to dazzle us with vibrant colors. We’ve been told the comfortable weather and beautiful fall colors extend through November in Savannah Lakes Village. Just pinch me right now because I must be dreaming! No spitting snow? No freezing rain? I can not remember too many Halloweens back in Michigan that didn't have some form of wintery weather. Taking our kids trick-or-treating with winter boots and coats under their costumes was normal. Always a cold Halloween, but still a fond memory. This year for Halloween, Jim and I have plans to watch the SLV cart parade from our deck. New memories will be made. Warmer memories. Probably in our flip-flops. Sipping pumpkin spice lattes. Happy fall y'all

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