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Prioritizing Your Needs When Planning a Move

Written by Shannon Stewart

When considering a big move, you need to do some soul searching to find a new community. Remember: before you make an offer, know your limits! 

Start a list that prioritizes your current life into two categories: 
1.What you cannot live without (birds, forest and lake?), and 
2.What you want to leave behind (traffic and sirens?)

Know what you need to be happy in your new home and community, and identify what has become a grind. Next, create a third list: things you cannot live without but could redesign or do differently (your Paradigm Shift or Pivot List.) For example, two big-city luxuries where people can often pivot are restauranteering and shopping. 

When you trade big-city traffic, smog, and sirens for a charming small Southern town with two stoplights, gourmet restaurants are no longer on every corner. Are you willing to pivot and embrace a few local bistros, or could you become your own gourmet chef a few nights a week?  

When the foodie adventurer within is calling you, there are no shortage of variety and fine cuisine nearby. Greenwood, SC is only a half-hour away, and Augusta, GA is only 45 minutes!  We especially love Uptown Greenwood for its variety of great lunch and dinner spots. Uptown has trendy shops and coffee also...the perfect place to make a day of it.


Speaking of shopping, many former shopaholics have relocated to Savannah Lakes Village and successfully traded Sax Fifth Avenue and Bergdorfs for small local boutiques and supplemental online purchases. Some of us still have a monthly or quarterly big shopping trip to Greenwood or Augusta. It's amazing what you can find antique-ing in our little rail towns or shopping via your laptop while relaxing on your back porch. Amazon, Stitch Fix, Daily Look, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are just a few clicks away!

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