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Spring Garden Preparation | Savannah Lakes Village


Time to start prepping the garden and flower beds! From weeding to pruning and even planting vegetables, here is a short checklist to inspire you to prepare for our long growing season!

Give Your Tools Some TLC: Make sure your tools are ready for the tough work ahead by cleaning and repairing any of your tools that need a little love. Sand off any rust using steel wool; use a sharpening stone to restore your pruning tools; take your gas-powered equipment in for a tune-up, and wipe down your tools with penetrating oil to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Clean Up Your Flower Beds: Clear away dead leaves and any other debris left by the winter storms. You can also take this time to trim back your annuals, pull weeds, groom your trees, and clear away any winter protection—like raised bed covers—that you added last season. 

Inspect Your Trees for Winter Damage: Take this opportunity, before the leaves grow back, to inspect your trees for damage. Prune off any broken, dead, or storm-damaged branches and trim back your fruit trees before new buds begin to bloom. 

Add Fresh Mulch + Fertilizer: One of the easiest ways to make your yard look clean and polished is to add fresh mulch to your garden beds. This can also help the soil retain moisture and can help prevent weeds. While you’re at it, add some fresh fertilizer under the mulch to give your plants some much-needed nutrients as the weather warms up. 

Start Your Seeds Indoors: It is not too late to start seeds indoors, but it is getting close (best to start in January in our area). There are some great garden shops in Abbeville, Greenwood, and Evans that supply starts for all your favorite annuals and summer vegetables!

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