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The best of summer at Savannah Lakes Village

Grand Sunsets

We often write about the simple pleasures of living in Savannah Lakes Village. Throughout the year, the natural pace and peace one experiences while immersed in the forest of the freshwater coast is palpable. August may well be the pinnacle month to relish in the joys of living at the lake. The scattered rhythm of a woodpecker accompanies a euphony of songbirds, crickets, and frogs who greet us as we step outside to enjoy the cool morning shade. An evening encore follows each evening as we soak in the beauty of another grand sunset.

                                                                                   (photo by. Bea McClain)

Impromptu Visits

For the last few weeks, we’ve especially enjoyed observing a fox and her pups who live in the woods behind our house. One morning we caught sight of them playing in the backyard. Other days, we catch glimpses as they walk about their territory. Each evening, a family of deer cautiously skirt our lawn en route to bed down under the pines.

Another joy is bumping into our friends and neighbors on the cove late morning. Some swim, others paddleboard, and sometimes we all pause and float to share stories about the summer so far.

The Local Farmers Market

For many years, locals enjoy The McCormick Farmers Market every Tuesday at the Dorn Mill. This year, the market runs from June 1st through September 14th. This vibrant market hosted by The McCormick County Historical Commission offers fresh, locally grown produce, homemade jams, free-range eggs, and crafts. Vendors set up outside under the shade of pecan trees beginning at 3 p.m. to allow local teachers and workers until 7 p.m. to shop. The farmers market is a social event and another example of impromptu visits--you never know who you will run into there!

There is so much to do at Savannah Lakes Village, yet some of the simplest activities--impromptu wildlife observation, the farmers market, and friendly visits--continue to be our favorites!


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