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Savannah Lakes Village Outdoor Adventure Club: A great way to make friends!

Kayak Tours and Whitewater!

Outdoor Adventure Club is a great way to make new friends

Savannah Lakes Village offers over thirty different clubs.  One of our favorites, the Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC), coordinates several summer kayak excursions each year including moonlight kayak trips, an annual white water paddle, and a trip down the Augusta Canal.  These events are a great way to make friends and get to know the area. Residents new to kayaking can explore the sport without investing in equipment and learn the basics from the club members during planned outings.  Kayak rentals are available at the Recreation Center and also at the local outfitters.

The OAC provides transport of kayaks as needed. The moonlight and canal paddles are beginner-friendly on gentle waters. The club operates with a buddy system and glow sticks after the sun goes down. 

Our area's rivers are ideal for white water kayaking and rafting. The OAC river run is a fine introductory experience to whitewater. Some experience in a kayak is recommended (on flat lake water is fine!). The group’s event leaders go over all the basics at the beginning of the day: how to read the river to locate the best path to follow and practice turning and other paddle skills needed to negotiate obstacles. The annual river run lasts about four hours with a picnic along the way.


...But what about the bugs?

Meh. Nothing compared to the mosquitos in Michigan and Vermont!  Remember the lake is actually a river in constant motion. On your property, simple things like removing standing water in pot trays, changing bird bath water frequently, and landscaping with proper drainage will minimize the mosquitos.  One Dynatrap will cover 3/4 acre, or there are also several companies who spray if that is your preference.  When out and about, throw on some bug spray and forget about it!  Seriously, the bugs are no big deal here.  We live in a healthy ecosystem so they have plenty of predators (abundant fish and birds!).

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